Topographical Testing

The Topographical Skills Assessment was bought into force in April 2006. The aim of the test is to assess the applicants ability to read maps and to plan routes. The centre has been open since 2006 and we have conducted over 1000 tests since.

This assessment is essential to anyone wishing to become a mini-cab driver or for any form of hire and reward work. You must ensure that you comply with PCO rules and regulations prior to commencing any form of private hire work.

The assessment tests a candidate's map reading skills in order to plot routes using a map. Candidates are issued a certificate should they meet the minimum requirements.

Local Cars are a registered body with the Public Carriage Office to give the Topographical Skills Assessments. We are able to conduct the assessment on our premises and it is open to all candidates who want to become a Private Hire Driver with the Public Carriage Office.

There is a cost of £30.00 for this service without training

With training the charge would be £50.00

Please Contact 01274 690 612 to arrange a test date.
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Published on  February 26th, 2014